Find river, sea, groundwater and rainfall levels

Showing levels within 5 miles of River Exe from Tiverton to Exeter, including Bickleigh.

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Gauge 1 hour 6 hours 24 hours
Gauge Height State
Cole Brook at Cullompton Swallow Way Updated 9:30pm, 29 March 0.54m NORMAL
Exminster Marshes at Limekilns Updated 11:00pm, 29 March 0.58m NORMAL
Exminster Marshes at Swans Nest Updated 7:00am, 29 March 0.44m NORMAL
Ford Stream at Rockbeare Bridge Updated 11:00pm, 29 March 0.70m NORMAL
River Clyst at Ashclyst Updated 11:45pm, 29 March 1.92m HIGH
River Clyst at Withy Bridge Updated 11:45pm, 29 March 1.22m NORMAL
River Clyst at Clyst Honiton Updated 11:45pm, 29 March 1.91m HIGH
River Clyst, Clyst St Mary Tributary at Clyst St Mary Millstream Footbridge Updated 11:45pm, 29 March 2.80m NORMAL
River Clyst, Clyst St Mary Tributary at Clyst St Mary Millstream Outfall Updated 11:45pm, 29 March 2.76m NORMAL
River Creedy at Upton Hellions Updated 11:00pm, 29 March 1.42m NORMAL
River Creedy at Cowley Bridge Updated 11:15pm, 29 March 1.12m NORMAL
River Culm at Woodmill Updated 11:30pm, 29 March 1.60m NORMAL
River Culm at Bradninch Hele Station Road Updated 11:45pm, 29 March 2.09m NORMAL
River Culm at Rewe Updated 11:00pm, 29 March 0.72m NORMAL
River Exe at Stoodleigh Updated 11:00pm, 29 March 2.02m NORMAL
River Exe at Tiverton Updated 11:00pm, 29 March 1.43m NORMAL
River Exe at Thorverton Updated 11:00pm, 29 March 1.27m NORMAL
River Exe at Exeter Pynes Stafford Bridge Updated 11:45pm, 29 March 3.78m NORMAL
River Exe at Trews Weir Updated 11:00pm, 29 March 3.73m NORMAL
River Exe at Topsham Updated 9:45pm, 29 March 0.91m n/a
River Lowman at Tiverton Lowman Updated 11:15pm, 29 March 0.67m NORMAL
orphaned-Alphin Brook at Exeter Alphington Mill Lane Updated 11:45pm, 29 March 0.25m NORMAL