Flooding is possible - be prepared

Flood alert for Somerset coast at Porlock Weir

The combination of ongoing spring tides and strong winds may result in waves overtopping sea defences. The forecast high water is 21:45 on Wednesday, 08/12/21, with a level of 5.33 mAOD and a Force 7 Westerly wind. All times are local and refer to the high water time at Hinkely Point. mAOD is height above average sea level. For more detail, please refer to local tide tables. Flooding to low lying coastal roads and farmland is possible this evening, and may occur one to two hours either side of the aforementioned high tide time. Areas most at risk are the coastline between Gore Point and Hurlstone Point including Porlock Weir. Strong winds are forecast again for Thursday evening, 09/12/2021, and this flood alert may remain in force for the high tide tomorrow at 22:30. We will keep monitoring the tidal situation. Our incident response staff are checking defences. Please be careful along beaches, promenades, coastal footpaths and roads, and consider alternative routes. This message will be updated by 16:00 tomorrow, Thursday 09/12/2021, or as the situation changes.

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Flood alert area: Coastline between Gore Point and Hurlstone Point including Porlock Weir

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