There are no flood warnings in this area

Bristol Frome from Stapleton to Bristol Floating Harbour, other properties set back from the river flood warning area

We'll update this page when there's a flood warning in the area.

A flood warning means flooding to some property is expected. A severe flood warning means there's a danger to life.

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Flood warning area: Eastville including Averay Road, Glenfrome Road and Muller Road. Baptist Mills including Mina Road, Rosebery Avenue, Jubilee Road, Ashley Street, Badminton Road, Franklyn Street, Thomas Street, Hathway Walk, Wade Street and River Street

Latest river, sea, groundwater and rainfall levels

There are around 3,500 measuring stations, and most are along main rivers and the coast. These levels can help you understand your flood risk now and over the next few days.

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