Flooding is expected - act now

Flood warning for Groundwater flooding in the South Wiltshire Downs - The Chilmark

The groundwater level at the Terraces Fonthill borehole has risen to 117.89m above sea level and is forecast rise to 118.19 by the weekend. For reference the peak level in January was 118.43m.

The weather over the next two weeks will continue unsettled with a band of rain expected early next week and another by next weekend. These will bring periods of light to moderate rainfall. This will maintain groundwater levels at their current position for several days. There is a hint that a blocking high pressure system will become established to the east of the country bringing some respite as more settled weather develops.

Property flooding is expected and sewage systems may become inundated.

Residents should deploy any property resilience measures such as pumps, flood barriers and air brick covers.

Avoid driving through flood water as the bow wave from vehicles can flood adjacent properties.

Do not lift manhole covers to alleviate local surface water flooding as this may cause toilets further downhill to surcharge.

This message will be updated on Sunday or as the situation changes

Flood warning area: Groundwater flooding for Chilmark.

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