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Flood alert for Upper Arun

The River Arun is still high between Newbridge near Billingshurst and Pallingham Lock, following Wednesday’s rain. However, water levels are now falling, and the weather forecast is for predominantly dry days until Sunday. Minor residual flood impacts including water in fields and on roads and near isolated riverside buildings are likely to remain until at least Saturday near Pallingham Lock but will continue to ease. It will take until next week before flows are returned to normal at Pallingham Lock. The river flow through Horsham, Broadbridge Heath and Wanford has already returned to near normal. Please keep flood protection products in place, if you have them, while residual flood impacts remain. Our automatic sluice at Provender Mill is operating to help reduce the risk of flooding through Horsham. We will update this message by 12:00 23/10/2021.

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Flood alert area: The Rivers Arun and Kird, Boldings Brook, North River and Par Brook

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