Flooding is possible - be prepared

Flood alert for Aldingbourne and Barnham Rifes

The Aldingbourne Rife is high and slowly rising, following 25mm of rain Sunday. Flooding will continue to affect properties on Durban Road, Bersted, fields near Shripney Lane, parts of the Tesco car park and caravans at Riverside Caravan Centre on Shripney Road. The Barnham Rife is higher than normal, but already falling. Only minimal flood impacts are expected in Barnham, affecting Barnham Road, Lake Lane and possibly gardens of riverside properties in Marshall Close, Barnham. Only scattered showers and weakening weather fronts are forecast Monday afternoon, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 29/02/2024. The Aldingbourne Rife should begin to fall by 20:00 26/02/2024 in Bersted. Flood impacts could remain in Bersted for at least a week. The Barnham Rife should return nearer to normal by Tuesday afternoon. Please plan to avoid driving through routes vulnerable to flooding. Our pumps at Felpham are running to reduce flood risk. We will update this message by 12:00 27/02/2024

Flood alert area: Elbridge, Lidsey, Aldingbourne, Barnham, Yapton and Ryebank Rifes.

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