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Flood alert for River Blackwater

The water level in the River Blackwater at Ower and the Cadnam River were falling this morning but are starting to rise again in response to today’s rainfall. In the last 9 hours 12mm of rain has been recorded in Romsey, and 29mm over the past 32 hours. From 8pm this evening (22/02/2024) the river will flood land, fields and roads at Cadnam, West Wellow, Landford and Ower. Water levels will also be very high around the mill building at East Wellow. We expect the river will rise at least until 11pm this evening (22/02/2024). Although water levels will be much higher than normal, property flooding is not currently expected. Lighter rain is forecast for the remainder of today. Tomorrow, a small amount of rain, about 3mm, is forecast. We continue to monitor the forecast. Our operations staff will work to ensure the river remains free of any reported blockages. Please ensure that pumps used to protect property are operating correctly. This Flood Alert will be updated by 15:00 on 23/02/2024.

Flood alert area: Landford to East Wellow and Wade Bridge on the River Blackwater, and Cadnam to Ower on the Cadnam River.

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