The flood warning was removed

Climping flood warning area

Tide levels on early Tuesday morning at 03:00 (29/11/2022) are forecast to be lower than those experienced Monday afternoon at Climping. Only minimal flood impacts are expected. There may still be some minor pooling at Climping Street Car Park and Mill Lane, but expect this to reduce over the next few days. Including adjustments for the weather, we estimate the water level at 03:00 Tuesday morning (29/11/2022) will be 5.66 metres Chart Datum (2.61 mAOD) at Littlehampton. Tides will gradually reduce as the week continues. We continue to monitor the forecast and routinely check the condition of the beach at Climping. In order to reduce flood risk to property, our operations staff have moved shingle to try and improve the beach crest. We will reissue this message if the risk of flooding to properties increases.

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Flood warning area: Coastal areas of Climping, including Poole Place

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