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Flood alert for Groundwater flooding in West Dean, Singleton, Charlton, East Dean and Chilgrove

Groundwater is very high, at the surface in communities of the Lavant valley, and rising. Minor groundwater flood impacts are expected to continue, affecting the ability of the sewage network to operate in East Dean, Charlton, Singleton and West Dean. Water will affect some basements, and be underneath ground floors. Water will flow on roads, including the B2141 near Chilgrove. Bands of rain Thursday and Friday 01/03/2024 could bring another 10-20mm of rain. Another band of rain is forecast Monday 04/03/2024. Groundwater is expected to continue rising through to 08/03/2024 at the Chilgrove borehole, possibly mid March in the East Dean area. Groundwater will remain close to the surface and sensitive to any additional rainfall. Minor flood impacts affecting the sewage network could continue through to mid April. If you have pumps to help reduce groundwater levels in your property, ensure they are operational. We continue to monitor the levels and forecast. We will update this message by 18:00 06/03/2024

Flood alert area: Communities at risk of groundwater flooding to the north of Chichester, including West Dean, Singleton, Charlton, East Dean and Chilgrove.

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