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Flood alert for Groundwater flooding in Finchdean, Dean Lane End and Rowlands Castle

In Finchdean, Dean Lane End and Rowlands Castle, groundwater levels are high and rising slowly. Since Friday 24/11/2023, 22mm of rain has been recorded at Walderton. The groundwater level at our borehole in Finchdean has risen by 1.06m in that time. The Idsworth Lavant is now flowing through all villages. Pumps used to reduce water levels will be required for a small number of properties in Finchdean and surface water could flood property during heavier rain events. From today 30/11/2023 until Saturday 02/12/2023, only very small amounts of rain are forecast. On Sunday 03/12/2023 and Monday 04/12/2023, up to 20mm per day is forecast in Hampshire. If heavy rain affects the area then groundwater will continue to rise and more properties could be affected. If not, then groundwater levels are expected to peak in the next couple of days. We are liaising with the Flood Action Group. If you use pumps to reduce water levels, please ensure they are operational. Further groundwater flooding impacts are likely this winter. This Flood Alert will be updated at 17:00 on Thursday 07/12/2023.

Flood alert area: Areas at risk of groundwater flooding in Finchdean, Dean Lane End, Idsworth and Rowlands Castle.

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