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Flood alert for Groundwater flooding in Finchdean, Dean Lane End and Rowlands Castle

In Finchdean, Dean Lane End and Rowlands Castle, groundwater levels are very high, but continue to slowly fall following a week of dry weather. Since Monday 23/01/2023, the level has fallen by 11cm. Ongoing cellar flooding will be occurring in Finchdean, Dean Lane End and Rowlands Castle. Road flooding is deep in all villages and the sewerage network is likely to be impacted. Over the next 5 days, the weather is forecast to be dry and levels are expected to continue falling. Groundwater impacts are expected to continue affecting the area throughout this period. Further unsettled weather is forecast in February, although confidence in the location and timing of any rainfall is currently low. If heavy rain does affect the valley, groundwater levels will rise again. Surface water flooding may occur during heavier rainfall events. We are liaising with the Flood Action Group. If you use pumps to reduce water levels, please ensure they are operating. We will update this Flood Alert by 17:00 on Friday 03/02/2023.

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Flood alert area: Areas at risk of groundwater flooding in Finchdean, Dean Lane End, Idsworth and Rowlands Castle

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