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Flood alert for Groundwater flooding in Bramdean and Cheriton

In Bramdean and Cheriton, groundwater is high but is now slowly falling. Since the level peaked on Friday 26/01/2023, it has fallen by 6cm. Currently, groundwater will be affecting a small number of cellars in Cheriton. In Bramdean, impacts are not currently expected. Over the next 5 days, dry weather is expected to continue. This will allow the level to continue to fall. Flooding impacts are expected to continue over this period. Long range weather forecasting is difficult, but rain could return before the end of February. If heavy rainfall does affect Bramdean and Cheriton again, groundwater flooding impacts could become more widespread. We will continue to monitor the forecast. If you use pumps to reduce water levels, please ensure that they can operate. This Flood Alert will be updated by 17:00 on Tuesday 07/02/2023.

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Flood alert area: Areas at risk of groundwater flooding in Bramdean and Cheriton in Hampshire

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