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Flood alert for Groundwater flooding in villages surrounding Andover

Groundwater levels in the villages surrounding Andover are high but continue to slowly fall. During the last week, 5mm of rain was recorded at Andover. We expect cellar flooding may still be ongoing in Hatherden and Penton Mewsey. Road flooding is occurring to the main road into Penton Grafton and the road from Biddesden to Redenham. Sewerage network and septic tank impacts are expected to be ongoing. Today (22/05/2024), showers are forecast to affect Hampshire, with up to 40mm of rain possible. From Thursday 23/05/2024 to Monday 27/05/2024, only light showers are expected. If heavy rain affects the area, groundwater levels may stabilise or slightly rise for a day, but will then quickly begin falling again. If the forecast next week is for mostly dry weather, we will remove this Flood Alert. We continue to monitor the levels and forecast. If you have pumps to help reduce water levels, please ensure that they are operating. This Flood Alert will be updated by 18:00 on Wednesday 29/05/2024.

Flood alert area: Communities at risk of groundwater flooding surrounding Andover, including Appleshaw, Hatherden, Penton Mewsey, Redenham, Weyhill Bottom, Kimpton, Amport and Monxton.

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