Find river, sea, groundwater and rainfall levels

Showing levels within 5 miles of River Bain in Coningsby and Tattershall.

Results for , showing river levels
Measuring station 1 hour 6 hours 24 hours
Measuring station Height Trend State
Billinghay Skirth at Billinghay Latest at 4:30pm on 7 December 1.77m rising NORMAL
Billinghay Skirth at New York Latest at 4:15pm on 7 December 0.68m steady NORMAL
River Bain at Kirkby On Bain Data not available n/a n/a n/a
River Witham at Kirkstead Bridge Latest at 4:15pm on 7 December 2.17m steady NORMAL
River Witham at Chapel Hill Latest at 6:45am on 7 December 2.10m falling HIGH
West Fen Catchwater Drain at Revesby Latest at 4:15pm on 7 December 0.81m steady NORMAL