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Showing levels within 5 miles of Brough West Clough.

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Gauge 1 hour 6 hours 24 hours
Gauge Height State
West Clough at Brough West Clough Updated 11:15pm, 5 February 1.56m NORMAL
Brough Clough at Brough Updated 11:15pm, 5 February 1.05m n/a
Barton Haven at Barton On Humber Updated 6:45pm, 5 February 0.25m LOW
Fleet Drain at Hessle - Downstream Updated 11:30pm, 5 February 1.06m NORMAL
Fleet Drain at Hessle Updated 11:30pm, 5 February 1.09m NORMAL
Western Drain at Hessle Western Drain Updated 11:15pm, 5 February -0.01m LOW
South Cave Beck at South Cave Beverley Road Updated 11:30pm, 5 February 0.24m NORMAL
Western Drain at Hull Hessle Astral Close Updated 11:15pm, 5 February 0.29m NORMAL